This function is similar to rcmd(), but it has slightly different defaults:

  • The repos options is unchanged.

  • No extra environment variables are defined.

rcmd_copycat(cmd, cmdargs = character(), libpath = .libPaths(),
  repos = getOption("repos"), env = character(), ...)



Command to run. See R --help from the command line for the various commands. In the current version of R (3.2.4) these are: BATCH, COMPILE, SHLIB, INSTALL, REMOVE, build, check, LINK, Rprof, Rdconv, Rd2pdf, Rd2txt, Stangle, Sweave, Rdiff, config, javareconf, rtags.


Command line arguments.


The library path.


The repos option. If NULL, then no repos option is set. This options is only used if user_profile or system_profile is set FALSE, as it is set using the system or the user profile.


Environment variables to set for the child process.


Additional arguments are passed to rcmd().

See also

Other R CMD commands: rcmd_bg, rcmd